Site Marketing

"How can we get more visitors to our site?" That's one of the questions clients ask most often.

There isn't a single answer. Site popularity isn't the result of any one factor. It depends on a mix of content, key word and metatag development, search engine optimization and marketing. The best approach is integrated, combining current understanding of search engine methodologies with careful metatag/keyword crafting and frequent additions of content that's relevant to the site visitors you want to attract.

We're strong proponents of email marketing to drive site traffic. Placing high in Internet searches is important, but passive. Reaching out to target audiences to bring them to your site is active and far more effective in building a large community of visitors with demonstrated interest in your company.

We work with our clients in all these areas to maximize site exposure to search engines and develop e-mail marketing that proactively reaches out to bring users to the site.

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