Sites developed by Sprintout are hosted at the Rackspace server farm located in Dallas, TX and in several other areas around the world. Rackspace hosts some of the Internet's most popular web sites. Their data centers have been optimized to support high-traffic sites and they have sustained a record 100% network uptime for the last 24 months. Neither Sprintout nor any of its clients will outgrow this facility as we incorporate the next wave of Internet technologies.

This facility boasts multiple fiber Internet connections from various top-tier "backbone" providers. These multiple connections supply the redundancy necessary to maintain site availability in virtually any foreseeable emergency.

Along with redundant connections, the server farm is equipped with dedicated transformers, backing from four separate power grids, multiple UPS batteries and diesel generators equipped to back up the entire facility indefinitely.

We realize security in both equipment and data is of utmost importance to our customers. With this in mind, the facility is outfitted with a comprehensive security system, including visitation access lists and digital surveillance systems.

Fire protection and environment
Along with extensive fire protection and suppression systems, the facility utilizes multiple, redundant air handlers and condensing units, insuring 100% availability by maintaining a constant ideal environment of 68°F, 45% relative humidity.

Domain name service
As a Partner of Network Solutions, Sprintout can register and maintain your domain name without many of the fees traditionally incurred with other hosts.

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