Design Starts the Dialogue

One of our guiding principles is: Content is independent of design. You can and should break content free of wherever it happens to be - in a brochure, in an annual report, on someone's computer or hidden away in a file drawer - and "repackage" it freely to meet the diverse needs.

But that doesn't mean we view design as any less important. Even where content is king, as it is on your website, design remains a vital part of any communications project, electronic or print.

The right design - one that meets the needs of the user, the company and site content - begins a dialog that fosters effective communication and a satisfying user experience. Design is the entry point for all the information and functionality you have to offer on a web site. The design and application interface can make or break any web site and determine how easily and effectively you can manage content.

The most ambitious, information-rich and capable site or custom application isn't likely to overcome the wrong design. That's why we turn our attention to design early in the development process.

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