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Great website content requires substance and change. You can't "set it and forget it." It has to be constantly evolving and growing. The key to having dynamic content is effective management of that content. It is critical for any business striving to meet the information needs of its constituents, both inside and outside the organization.

Sprintout's proprietary, Internet-based content management systems offer solutions to many developmental problems associated with the web, electronic production and print production, such as:

  • Site maintenance
  • Search engine relevancy
  • "Smart" information sorting
  • User profiling
  • Scalable architecture
  • Efficient and effective workflow

They are customized to your business needs, efficient, cost-effective and flexible, so you can work as you want to work. They're scalable, too, so you can grow without restrictions.

And when coupled to our Composer X technology they enable you to slash your annual printing costs for items such as catalogs, product sheets and sales materials with "Printing on Demand."

Sprintout content management systems transform your raw information into a corporate asset that satisfy a variety of business needs.


ComposerX is our exclusive web-based composition solution for producing PDF files from on-line databases. It is the technology engine that drives our content management solutions.

  • ComposerX offers enhanced print production accessibility, flexibility, quality and control. Via a web connection, users create their own printed documents for catalogs, brochures, advertising, etc.
  • Pre-determined templates guide and limit choices based on the type of document desired. Content can be of any type, from text and images to multimedia files. Within the framework allowed by management, documents can be customized at will.
  • ComposerX maintains master graphic images, text and other input in its original form and resolution. Any number of versions can be created without altering the master.
  • Output is just as flexible as input and creation. Output can be at the size and resolution required and in the format required. Output can also be color managed to a range of devices, from desktop printers to large offset presses.

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