Taco Corporate Site


Create an informative website that would be easy to use and could communicate effectively with Taco's various audiences, including reps, building engineers, OEMS, and do-it-yourself homeowners.


Sprintout created a state-of-the-art web site for Taco that includes the following features:
  • content for each of Taco's distinct audiences.
  • a My Taco page allows customers to classify themselves into an audience category, enabling Taco to keep them updated on new products and enhancements.
  • a quick search function lets customers easily find a rep in their area.
  • product Wizards, "smart" search engines that find the appropriate Taco product for a customer's specific needs.
  • product videos and tutorials that can be downloaded or viewed on line
  • the Taco Sales Community, a website, or "blog," where Taco reps can share ideas and information, make suggestions, or ask questions.


  • Provides Taco with a corporate site that allows their customers easy access to important company information and addresses their specific concerns by audience category.
  • The My Taco page allows Taco to continually add to their database for email marketing.
  • With unprecedented control and flexibility, content is always fresh and up-to-date.
The Taco site has been translated into Spanish and Russian. Plans are underway for versions in Arabic and Ukrainian. Click here to learn more about Sprintout's translation service.


Taco Incorporated is a leading developer and supplier of hydronic-based heating and cooling components for both residential and commercial applications.