FloPro Team Neighborhood


Provide Taco sales reps from around the world with the ability to talk to each other.


The FloPro Team Neighborhood, an online discussion page (or blog*), where Taco reps can talk directly to their peers. The FloPro Team Neighborhood is a dynamic forum which allows reps to:
  • gain access to a network of sales pros.
  • share ideas, experiences and competitive information.
  • give advice and tips.
  • ask questions and make suggestions.
  • upload photos, articles, presentations and other sales tools.


  • Improves sales/marketing information and skills
  • Provides Taco with valuable feedback, enabling them to act quickly to solve problems or implement improvements.
  • Promotes a team atmosphere among Taco reps

*What's a blog? Short for Web log, a blog is a web page that serves as a forum for public discussion. A blog is an example of second generation web design that's sometimes called Web2.0.