PrimaCARE, P.C.


PrimaCARE, P.C. has offices in several locations and a staff of over 80 medical professionals. They required a website that made a lot of information accessible to a diverse audience, and they needed a way to manage the content themselves.


  • Sprintout developed a website that skillfully serves the requirements of visitors with a variety of medical needs. With the "Find a Doctor" search wizard, users can search for a doctor by name, location, medical specialty and languages spoken. This technique is utilized throughout the website to display helpful information.
  • A customized content management system makes it easy for PrimaCARE's staff to manage all information used in the search wizard and throughout the website.


PrimaCARE, P.C. was established in 1991 by a group of physicians dedicated to providing quality medical care, along with compassion and respect for the patient.