Filterfresh Coffee Service


Create a way for Filterfresh to "decentralize" its marketing and enable its 70 franchise locations to customize marketing materials.


Sprintout implemented our ComposerX cross-media publishing system. Franchises use the system to create their own personalized versions of sales sheets, mailers and product brochures.
  • Using a simple interface that requires little or no training, ComposerX sends the user's customized materials directly from the website to a "preferred" printer. The printer in turn delivers the printed piece directly to the franchise.
  • Franchises also can download high-resolution images from a library on the website. They can use the images to produce any other marketing materials they may initiate, from small tent cards to large window banners.


Filterfresh maintains control of its marketing messages and reproduction quality. Franchises get materials that speak directly to their customers about the products and services they want to feature in their market area.


Filterfresh Coffee Service is all about delivering a great coffee experience to businesses and home consumers through company franchises in 30 states.